Our Services


We provide the people's needs for entertain, such as food, drink, lodging, sports on the premises

Children Indoor Park

Playground for Kids, designed as if it's an outdoor area, it can also host families.

Children Outdoor Park

Outdoor space for Kids activities and for the Restaurants clients

Water Park

Large outdoor area with swimming pools, water slides, and similar amusements

Outdoor Pool

Outdoor pool designed as per the Olympic specifications, with a small bar and other animations

Indoor & Outdoor Birthday Area

A well prepared area to hosts Birthday parties.

Mini Football Courts

2 indoor courts equipped with high quality turf as of FIFA standards

Physical Activities Area

It offers a wide range of outdoor and ecotourism activities, well equipped with the specific requirements and facilities to nature.

International Restaurant

A variety of Lebanese and International cuisine is in the park with an access to the Outdoor area

Festival Street

An often regularly recurring program of cultural performances, exhibitions, or competitions

Wedding Area

A stunning and wide place made for weddings

Events Hall

For multiple use such as Wedding, Baptism, First Communion and other party events

Indoor Heated Pool

To receive clients even during the winter season (Next Phase)


There is a big need in the region for a clean, comfortable and prestigious hotel to host guests (Next Phase)

About Us

  • Providing a healthy entertaining environment for families in order to break their daily routine
  • Appreciate the natural environment
  • Acquire knowledge about the outdoors and the environment for kids and youth after the invasion of technology in their daily life
  • Offer hospitality and entertainment and restaurants services to the residents and the tourists

The main advantage will be focusing on good services at all the park areas as well as offering to the visitores a wide variety of entertaining, social and musical events.

The concept is unique and exclusive in the region. Therefore even having direct competitors, the managing team has years of experience in managing and entertainment and sports clubs in Venezuela.

The strategy will rely on the quality of services that will be very special.

The project consists of an amusement park in Zgharta, North Lebanon.

The whole project includes an Activities area, an Outdoor and Indoor park, Kiosks, Sport Areas, Indoor and Outdoor swimming pools, Hall for events, Spa, Gym, Club House, Bungalows and Restaurants(Lebanese and International cuisine).

It will mainly target kids, teenagers and the whole family from Zgharta-Ehden casa and the neighboring Koura, Tripoli and northern region, expatriates coming to visit their families.

The park is located on the Zgharta-Koura highway, between North Lebanon College and Centre Hospitalier du Nord (CHN).

The main strategy relies on the quality of services and the uniqueness of the project in the area.


Our Team

The Management team will work with a combination of a well-equipped team whose members are experts in the field, with an effective PR campaign and a personalised care to gain trust and loyalty of our customers